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Since 2002, we have specialized in providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to rural facilities. We offer solutions to the recurring patterns found in rural hospital facilities such as INADEQUATE staffing resulting in decreased quality of patient care; LIMITED program development due to the absence of a rehabilitation director; and REDUCED facility reimbursement due to a lack of quality therapy management.

Rehabilitation Services

Legacy Rehabilitation offers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services as well as the following services:

Management Services

Providing valuable peace of mind to hospital administration, we offer colaborative, team-based management of any fully-staffed therapy department. 

Consulting Services

Focusing on the needs of a facility, we offer start-to-finish planning that addresses staffing, documentation, billing, and growth.

Short-Term Staffing Services

Providing short-term solutions to staffing issues, our therapists are efficient, reliable, and provide scheduling flexibility. 

Legacy Rehabilitation resolved our therapy staffing issues, at a reasonable price. If we need a Physical, Speech, or Occupational Therapist, Legacy Rehabilitation takes care of it. That peace of mind is worth a lot.
‐William Adcock
CFO Union General Hospital